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Hey guys,! In case you’ve been wondering about where we’ve been for a while, I’ve been guest blogging over on the Oh So Beautiful Paper Blog while our friend Nole is out on maternity leave! That being said, below is a summary of our week over at OSBP loaded with links you can reference if you’re interested.


On Monday and Tuesday, I talked about what A Day in the Life of Urbanic is like. In the post I detailed what some of our workload entails on the front and the back end of the business. I also discussed some of our store events, the concept behind this part of Urbanic and talked a little bit about how important our collaborations are in these. * click here to peek into both of these posts.


On Wednesday I posted 10 tips on opening a retail shop.   Over the years I’ve received a good amount of inquiries from people seeking advice in his department,. I certainly don’t have all of the answers, but I have learned some valuable things along the way! Hoping these 10 tips can help some of you get started.  *click here to read the tips!


Next up, I posted some thoughts on social media and discussed the importance of honing in on your natural skills in this department. and not allowing the many channels of today overwhelm or distract you. *click here to see the full post on social media


Finally I wrapped up the week by sharing some of my family life. I posted a few of the birthday parties I’ve given in the past to my two boys. click here to see Javin’s bug party and Ian’s farm party.

Glad to be back!

More soon!  * A

{photos by Joanne Pio and Jessie Webster. hand lettering by Gold Press}



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  1. Juliana November 26, 2014, 11:19 AM

    Hi Audrey!
    Thanks for sharing all these information with us. You’re a very inspiring person.
    I have a gift store in a little town of Catalonia – Spain. Now I am working on renewing the brand by offering fine and beautiful things to our customers, updating our web and store.
    Next month I will hold an event to celebrate 145 year of our shop and I am wondering if you could give any tip on how to succeed doing that. It will be a small event due to our place, so I am thinking about setting up a candy table and giving a gift bag to our invitees. Could you please help me?
    Thanks and best wishes,

    1. *Audrey December 11, 2014, 10:42 PM

      Hi Juliana, Thanks so much for your comment! Your shop sounds wonderful, and happy to help with your event. Please feel free to email me directly on this. very best, Audrey




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