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Hi everyone, I have some fun news to share with you today!  We’ve just launched a fun collaboration with fellow paper enthusiast and amazing blogger, Nole Garey from Oh So Beautiful Paper.  Once a month, we’ll pop over to OSBP and post on our new ‘How About’ series. There we’ll share our latest obsessions, favorite things from around the shop as well as inspiration beyond. Last month, Joshua and I took the kids on a little roadtrip up North to San Francisco. We tasted and explored our way around the Bay City and packed in as much as we could. (ie. The Ferry Building, Bi-Rite Creamery, Tartine, the Golden Gate Bridge and of course the Cable Cars!) We were lucky enough to have some great hosts, and left the Bay completely inspired. Thanks for reading and hope you’ll love our new column!

Urbanic on Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Mapnote; 2. Paper Parasol Press Postcard; 3. Hello! Lucky Skyline Note; 4. Lark Press Heart in SF note; 5. Birite Creamery Book; 6. SF City Guide; 7. Tartine Cookbooks; 8. Cavallini Rubber Stamps; 9. Jim Datz print; 10. Ilee Papergoods city cards; 11. Dandelion Chocolate; 12. Albert + Marie SF Poster; 13. Maptote Pouch; 14. Cavallini Eraser


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 Boardwalk Love | Urbanic

Growing up on the East Coast, I have some of the fondest summer memories vacationing “down the shore” in Ocean City, NJ. We’d enjoy our days jumping waves at the beach, followed by fun on the boardwalk. Those nights were spent going on rides, sharing a bucket of caramel corn and playing games. When a shipment of Salty Road salt water taffy arrived in the shop, it brought all of this nostalgia back. Here is a fun Boardwalk round up of things all found at Urbanic!

01. taffy / 02. boardwalk candle / 03. pinball card / 04. cotton candy card / 05. seagulls card
06. roller coaster card / 07. caramel corn / 08. wonder wheel card / 09. bumper cars card


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 We Love Road Trips | Urbanic

If you live in the city and have an appointment in the woods, how do you get there? A Road Trip, of course!! In fact, road trips could very well be the vacation. At Urbanic, we think there’s little to complain about being on the open road with some of your favorite people… wind in your hair, playlists on repeat and adventures at every turn. Clearly we’re not the only ones — check out these fun things around the shop that love Road Trips, too! So, where are you headed?

01. woodie card / 02. stacked luggage card / 03. sending love from ____ card
04. California mapnote by MapTote / 05. driver’s seat card / 06. stitching postcard / 07. snapshot notebook
08. linen map journal / 09. colored pencil set / 10. alwych journal / 11. America calendar


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Loving Camp | Urbanic

Sideshow Press in the Shop | Urbanic

What would summer be without camp?! Around here at troop Urbanic, we’re daydreaming of nature hikes, wildflowers, lake swims, roasting marshmallows and starry-skied nights. But whether out there in the wilderness or on busy city streets, there’s a camper inside of all of us! Here’s a collection of things from those who think so, too. Including some easy ways to earn your Thoughtfulness Badge — sending notes from your “summer camp” is yet another way to keep snail mail alive! And we promise your love won’t get lost in the woods. Scout’s honor. XO

01. scout patch card / 02. flag erasers / 03. camp pencils / 04. Silent Stars postcard
05. Roasting Marshmallows card / 06. Notes from Camp / 07. Adventure card
08. Happy Camper card / 09. Summer card / 10. Handy notes
11. blue campware card / 12. trail notebooks


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Urbanic Loves Stars & Stripes post image

We Love Stars & Stripes | Urbanic

July 4th is just around the corner… and have we got plans for you!! Stop by our store or get over to the Pop Up Shop to get your fill of stars & stripes, red white & blue, and all things sparkly.

01. stars & stripes garland
02. stamped American flag card
03. red tissue ball (more colors available)
04. red/white/blue cups
05. festive sparklers
06. striped bakers’ twine
07. red star spoons
08. paper plates by Meri Meri (matching napkins available)
09. red check papermats
10. red stripe straws
11. Americana cupcake kit

P.S The store is closing early on 4th at 4pm so we can watch the fireworks!  xo


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Urbanic Loves Numbers post image


Give yourself a pat on the back for getting those taxes done!

1. & 2. eggpress birthday cards
3. number magnets
4. special delivery tags
5. patterned pens 
6. pie graph sticky notes  
7. notes & pencilcase set
8. pencils notepad
9. brass ruler


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