Project: Fall Plume Wreath | Window post image

 Fall Plume Wreath | DIY Project | Urbanic
We originally found this idea of making paper dahlias online here using scrapbook paper sheets. Inspired, we crafted and designed our fall window at Urbanic making a trail of Fall Plume Wreaths.

Here’s how you make it.

 Fall Plume Wreath | DIY Project | Urbanic

What You Need :
☐ 3-4 sheets of double sided wrap (at least 19 x 27 )
☐ hot glue gun and glue sticks
☐ 8-inch cardboard cake circle
☐ scissors or a paper cutter
☐ double stick tape
☐ a really good play list (or entertaining friend)

Project Instructions :
1] cut paper down into 4 inch squares (you’ll need about 80)
2] roll them into cones and close them with double sided tape on the inside
3] glue cones at the base to the cake circle starting from the outside overlapping in
4] hang and enjoy!

Here’s how we incorporated these wreaths into our fall window at Urbanic

 Fall Window | Urbanic
 Fall Window | Urbanic

{Photos by Joshua Woollen & Melody Hansen}


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Project: Blooming Monogram | Window post image

Blooming Monogram Project | Urbanic
I wanted our Mother’s Day window at Urbanic to be extra special this year since my mom is flying in from Philadelphia to visit us. I had a paper mache initial on my desk that we had used as a tester in another project and I kept staring at it thinking I wanted to fill it with something. Then it hit me … blooms! It worked out so pretty for our shop window,  but would also be an amazing gift to give as a monogram desk accent or wall hanging for the special moms and mom-friends in your life.

Here’s how you make it.

Blooming Monogram Project | Urbanic

What You Need :
☐ paper mache letters (there are 8″ and 12″)
☐ exacto knife
☐ floral foam
☐ glue gun
☐ wire cutters or strong scissors
☐ silk flowers

How To Make :
1] Using an exacto knife, cut off the front of the letters and hollow out carefully.
2] Cut floral foam into shapes that fit letter and secure with glue
3] Trim the silk blooms off, leaving a short stem, and position into the foam. You can reinforce with glue, if necessary.
4] Arrange happily!

MOM Window | Urbanic

Above: Our store window!

Photos by Urbanic


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