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Bug Party | Party Prep | Urbanic Now that summer is coming to an end, I’m finally getting a chance to round-up some things up I’ve been meaning to blog for a while, the first being Javin’s 6th Birthday Party!  When we planned this out, he told me he wanted to make it ‘bug themed’. This was definitely not music to my ears, but I knew we’d find a way to make it cute with a little bit of crafting and some food fun.

Javin turned 6 | Foodies | UrbanicMy friend Em came over and helped me make the food and decorate. So grateful for her!  The activities consisted of a bug dig, a bug bounce and a bee toss. The food was healthy small bites inspired by insects and we celebrated with a dirt cake made up of chocolate mousse, whipped cream and cookie crumbs.

Javin turned 6 | Cake & Favors | UrbanicFor favors, we punched holes in the lids of mason jars and turned them into lady bug habitats. The kids got to take them home and release into their yards. We added a little legend to each jar about how special lady bugs are and they ways they can benefit a garden. They whole thing was so fun … except getting the lady bugs into the mason jars!

Here’s where I found everything: ladybugs – osh, dirtcake – vanilla bakeshop, invitation download – spaceships & laserbeams, cute signage- U+U,  plastic bugs – toys r us, mason jars + magnifying glasses – amazon

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Camp Woollen | Urbanic

Our recent Urbanic summer celebration posts — camping, road trips, woodsy vacations — inspired us to do a little celebrating ourselves! The four of us Woollens decided to pack up the car for an outdoor adventure at Lake Cachuma. After a fun and scenic drive north, we pitched our tent at site #309 and set up camp. First, we spent some time exploring around the lake collecting interesting feathers, rocks and wildflowers. (hence the table centerpiece!) Then came the rock skipping, BBQ skewers and sunset. And, of course, S’mores by the fire finished off the night. It definitely wasn’t the easiest feat to pull off with the two little ones, but based on the fun I know they had – it was completely worth it.

Happy weekend everyone! Hope you find a little nature adventure of your own…
xo, *A

Camp Woollen | Urbanic

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Cheers to Summer | Urbanic

Last year, Joshua set the timer on the camera so we could take a family portrait in our backyard. We didn’t realize it as the camera snapped, but soon noticed that our boys are cheers-ing each other with their sippy cups! (So beyond awesome.) In my head, I imagine they were toasting summer in their own little way.

To all of you celebrating in the US, the four of us Woollens wish you a Happy Fourth of July. And, to the rest of you, Cheers to Summer!

xo, *A

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My Mom | Urbanic

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m dedicating this post to my mom, Olga Tantaros. She is beautiful, gracious, and so lovely inside – that if you were to meet her she would most likely shake your hand with both of hers. Her sheets are always folded to perfection and she believes dinner should be had every night with a proper table setting. Although she doesn’t love to cook, she has done it for us for as long as I can remember. My two sisters and I are the light of her life. She’s been invested in us since the time we were born and been by our sides through every endeavor, victory and hardship. She’s believed and supported Urbanic from when it was just a little card line made in my living room, and is still front row when it comes to all that is happening with our shop. In fact, I’m guessing she’s reading this post right now, since she subscribed to the blog. Any type-os’ mom?

Thanks for being such a good role model of motherhood for me. love you.

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It’s been one year since our family trip to Paris . . . . .


paris01I’m so happy to be finally blogging about it (and re-living it).  We stayed in a darling apartment in the 7th right by the Eiffel tower and could actually see it from our window! See more of us in Paris >


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Joshua and I were honored when the folks over at Emma Magazine contacted us to see if we could share with their readers what we consider fun date ideas.  I’m lucky enough to have a romantic husband who likes to make sure that our time together (when were not with our little ones) is creative, adventurous and fun.  He often leaves notes on my desk with date options to pick from depending on what mood I’m in.  I always love what he comes up with and have a special box where I save all of them.  We shared with Emma 3 options that he recently offered me.


Multiple Choice Date Ideas  : Parcel Post

option 1 :
Flea Market Picnic
A Sunday morning Rose Bowl flea market date where we each get to choose a treasure of our choice followed by a picnic at Lacey Park  (our favorite park in South Pasadena)

option 2 :
Old School Arcade
This date would be to the Redondo Pier where there is an old school arcade on the lower level.
We’d get to play pinball machines, air hockey and challenge each other at skeeball.
After we’d grab dinner at the crab shack.

option 3 :
Bingo & Cupcakes
This date would be a hunt for a local bingo night and then going out for cupcakes afterwards.

For the record, I picked #1!

You can check out the article right here (we’re on page 43)

Happy Valentine’s Day


*A (+J)

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