Epic 4th birthday | Urbanic | 100LayerCakelet

Last October my little Ian turned 4. I was so wrapped up in this throwing this ‘Scout’ party for him, that I never got a chance to actually blog about it!  I’ve recently decided that the boys get an amazing party every other year to keep the levels of insanity down in the Woollen household.  I will say, that for this party I was lucky enough to have two talented partners in crime with me in pulling it off. My girlfriends Jillian & Kristina from 100layercakelet  gave me their Scout’s Honor that they were on board, and together we created a Moonrise Kingdom birthday party in our back yard.

Epic 4th birthday | Urbanic | 100LayerCakeletmoonrise-kingdom-camping-birthday-21

We sent out wood invitations and had Courtney at Pine and Parcel print them up for us. You KNOW I had a blast gathering  up the vintage mint boyscout and nature stamps for the envelopes!   We set up bar for the parents to have some fall festive drinks while the little scouts earned their honorary merit badges with some special activities.  You must check out the games they played here!  Our friend Lauren from Walnut Animal Society made this little pennant flag just for Ian (which is now hanging in his room!) and I hunted down some old Scout badges from etsy that we turned into cupcake toppers and drink mixers.

Epic 4th birthday | Urbanic | 100LayerCakelet

Epic 4th birthday | Urbanic | 100LayerCakelet Epic 4th birthday | Urbanic | 100LayerCakeletEpic 4th birthday | Urbanic | 100LayerCakeletEpic 4th birthday | Urbanic | 100LayerCakeletEpic 4th birthday | Urbanic | 100LayerCakelet

As a final treat, (besides the cupcakes) our friend Eddie arrived and led the boys through some flag-folding and Scout parading adventures around the neighborhood.  Our friend Scott snapped all of these amazing pics and left us with bunch of fun Polaroids too.
Epic 4th birthday | Urbanic | 100LayerCakelet

Epic 4th birthday | Urbanic | 100LayerCakelet

Epic 4th birthday | Urbanic | 100LayerCakelet Epic 4th birthday | Urbanic | 100LayerCakelet

The party was epic to say the least and the kids had a blast! There are waaay more pics on the 100 Layer Cakelet blog so if you want to see more, you can find them here!

{photos by Scott Clark }

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Urbanic's Outdoor Movie Night outdoormovie2 Urbanic's Outdoor Movie Night

Finally getting caught up on blogging over here! With the warmer weather here (and the weekend upon us) I wanted to share with you a birthday party I hosted in our backyard with a bunch of my very favorite girlfriends + of course, favorite treats.  We curled up in my back yard with blankets + pillows, and watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s together while snacking on an evening breakfast including a Belgium waffles bar – with ALL the toppings, mimosas, and some bite sized quiche. Oh! and there may, or may not have been an after-party viewing of the Breakfast Club.  Hope your weekend involves some time outdoors and with people that you adore.

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It was such an honor to be recently featured on the 100 Layer Cakelet blog as an ‘inspiring mom’.  As some of you already may know, we found out that we were pregnant with our first son the day after signing the lease on Urbanic (almost 9 years ago!) So essentially our life at that time was about to change in more ways than we could have ever imagined.

Urbanic The Urbanic boys

UrbanicIn the interview I answered some questions about how our business inspires our family and how our children are a part of what we do.  I also talk a bit about the challenges of being a business owner and a mother, and the quest to find balance in the midst of it all.





If you’d like to have a read you can find the article here.

 A huge thanks to the Cakelet ladies for the post and for Joanne Pio for these beautiful shots of Urbanic and my boys.

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{photos by Joanne Pio}


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FIFTEEN post image

IMG_0967 In 1997 I met a guy at music festival & knew in my heart (right away) that he was the one. We lived on opposite coasts + fell in love writing letters to each other over a year. When he proposed to me after we had only seen each for the 3rd time, everyone in our lives thought we were crazy. I will tell you that it was the best ‘yes’ that I have ever spoken. I married my best friend, and my soulmate partner in life. Our marriage is by no means perfect, but it’s true and we’re committed till the end. Today Joshua & I are celebrating 15 years!
The picture above on the right is my most cherished. It was taken of us in deep conversation on the day we met.


– AW + JW –




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Post No 875 // Urbanic Paper


Since we didn’t get a chance to send out holiday cards this year, we decided it would be fun to send out Valentine’s cards to our friends and family instead.  A close friend of ours, (and amazing photographer) Joey Bradshaw, captured the 4 of us Woollens on one of our very favorite family outings together – an ice cream Float date!

2014_Valentines_UrbanicI really love how these came out, and admittedly enjoyed breaking the ‘lovers exclusive’ rules of Valentines Day. Sending out Family Valentine’s love to the people in our lives is not only completely awesome – but is also a great opportunity to surprise people with unexpected mail.  This definitely doesn’t mean that Joshua and I won’t be celebrating in our own special way, but why not spread the love? – There is plenty to go around!

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{date at Float | stationery by Paper + Cup | photos by Joshua Woollen | family photo by Joey Bradshaw}


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Egg Nog Stand for Charity post image


Over the weekend, we had the idea to build an eggnog stand for our boys & their little friends in front of the shop. We wanted them to feel that they could be involved in the ‘giving’ part of this holiday season, so we found a local charity for them to donate to. – It was beyond adorable!


Urbanic Egg Nog-1001

It was a true collaborative effort to make this happen. Our friends from 100 Layer Cakelet joined us w/ their boys and baked up some gingerbread cookies to sell.  My friend Emily whipped us up all of this cute signage for us, & the boys worked the booth (while having their share of cookies!)


They raised almost $100 bucks and I loved seeing how this made people smile as they walked by.

Urbanic Egg Nog-1008

EggNog2 copyUrbanic Egg Nog-1005

Jennifer Naraki jumped in & shot the photos for us and captured it perfectly.

Urbanic Egg Nog-1020

There was true holiday spirit shining through this little booth – the stuff that makes Christmas so magical.

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p.s  More pictures up on the 100layercakelet Blog

{photos by Jennifer Naraki}




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