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Little Square Ads | Urbanic

Running a small business is a lot of fun AND a lot of work. It’s always best when those two parts collide. Like when we recently made a batch of little square ads! Aren’t they sweet??! Which is your favorite? We’re having a  hard time deciding…


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Lately in Fall 2013 | Urbanicleft: Golden-tipped heels on my fall inspired pinboard, thanks to Screech Owl Designs
right: Polka dot wrap + Rifle wrap + 1 Canoe 2 card = match made in Urbanic

urbanicpaper_parcelpost_audrey_desk_lately_fall2013_things_coffeespotleft: Things on my desk. Loving this book so far!
right: Menotti’s joined the neighborhood and is such a good spot for morning brew.

urbanicpaper_parcelpost_audrey_desk_lately_fall2013_mast_chocolate_snailmailleft: Jaw dropping arrival of our new chocolate shipment at Urbanic from Mast Brothers
right: Beautiful mail delivery from calligrapher Anne Robin

urbanicpaper_parcelpost_audrey_desk_lately_fall2013_window_eventleft: Mel and I installed the fall window & are obsessed with it.  Tutorial coming soon!
right: The new bar Joshua built all set up at our Modern Calligraphy book release party.

From time to time I take some of the pictures I’ve posted on Instagram and Twitter and post them here to give you a peek inside what’s been happening around the shop.
Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful fall season so far!

xo *A


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New Fav Dress | UrbanicFrom time to time I grab a few shots that I’ve posted on Twitter + Instagram lately and share them here on the blog. Let’s begin with my new favorite dress! Recently worn to a wedding atop the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.
Personal Pencils | UrbanicSpecial surprise package in the mail from C Designs — Urbanic pencils!
Card Decision | UrbanicIt was a tough decision figuring out which card to give to my friend. Both are so good!
Squirrel Coffee | UrbanicI’m completely addicted.
Mr. Golden Sun | UrbanicMr. Golden Sun Pog from Maginating on my gold-striped notebook.
Family Time Sunset | UrbanicSun sets on the lake. We took a family trip to Northern California early this month.


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It’s springtime and I love the transition of color around the shop – things are feeling fresh and light again! I couldn’t help but notice this perfectly paired wrap and ribbon. As if the pink ombré isn’t amazing enough, the paper is reversible with mint green on the flip side! Sooooo good with Italian cotton ribbon. A match made for pretty pastel gifting!

{ribbon by Carta Inc. + wrap by Rifle Paper Goods}


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Happy almost weekend everyone! From time to time I grab a few shots that I’ve posted on twitter + instagram lately and share them here on the blog. We’ve been busy, busy working on our booth for The Cream Event this weekend! If you’re coming, swing by and say hello. We’ll have a booth full of goodies for sale and lots of new wedding invitation styles to preview.


We’re dying over here at this new gorgeous paper that came in at Urbanic from Nepal. It’s made out of tree bark by a women’s co-operative.


Last week, I gave a very warm welcome to my shiny new desk scissors.


Urbanic Tags + Baker’s Twine. = #TrueLoveForever


From around the shop: gold, silver and fashion illustrated beauties


Until next week… xo *A

{photos by Urbanic}


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I’m hunkering down at my desk today to concentrate on a crazy amount of emails and paperwork that have piling up. At this moment in time, my work space is a more than a tad cluttered – so one of my goals for today is to tame this wild beast and get it back to the way I like it. This morning I’m blogging on some desk things we have around the shop that are tidy and organized. It’s kind of like a mental cleansing to kick-start to my day.  Okay to be fair, my coffee helped with the the “kick” part as well.  Happy Tuesday!

pics { 1.   2. 3}


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